Bicycle Accident with Blessings in Disguise

Oh well, I had a bicycle accident on 11/Aug’16 at appx 1030pm along Kesas Highway motor lane (from Bkt Jalil towards Puchong, after tol) which could have caused fatal. I was blessed with only external injuries. Currently I’m recovering fine in both physical and mental. Scars will be lightly marked as decorative purposes. I wasn’t traumatized. I’ve returned on the saddle right after 2weeks from the accident which my first recovery ride was done in Kesas Highway again Many are concerned of how it was happened. Honestly, I’m not too sure about the details either even though I was remained conscious and calm throughout the whole accident. I couldn’t thank enough towards the kindness of a Malay couple who sent me to the hospital. My team leader Faz had also made a personal record of travelling at over 60km/h to call for help in the nearest petrol station.Why not call ambulance? We did. But we were told that they could only arrive probably after 45mins......After compiling words from my cyc…