Bicycle Accident with Blessings in Disguise

Oh well, I had a bicycle accident on 11/Aug’16 at appx 1030pm along Kesas Highway motor lane (from Bkt Jalil towards Puchong, after tol) which could have caused fatal. I was blessed with only external injuries. Currently I’m recovering fine in both physical and mental. Scars will be lightly marked as decorative purposes. I wasn’t traumatized. I’ve returned on the saddle right after 2weeks from the accident which my first recovery ride was done in Kesas Highway again
Many are concerned of how it was happened. Honestly, I’m not too sure about the details either even though I was remained conscious and calm throughout the whole accident. I couldn’t thank enough towards the kindness of a Malay couple who sent me to the hospital. My team leader Faz had also made a personal record of travelling at over 60km/h to call for help in the nearest petrol station.Why not call ambulance? We did. But we were told that they could only arrive probably after 45mins......After compiling words from my cycling mates (Team PlanA), this was how it seem to have happened:9 of us were doing peloton in a straight line which taking turn to lead for each 500m, by maintaining cadence and speed of appx 35km/h.

Right before the accident, I was leading the line and met a solo foldie in front. While I was overtaking him and he had a hard brake for a moment. However, my overtaking is completed and I started to move towards the right in order to break away as the peloton lead. Within the seconds before I was able to ensure safe clearance for me to slow down in order to move to the back of the peloton but I felt I had to move towards further right cos the peloton seem to move closer to me.

Within split seconds, my front tyre went on the slope of the shallow drainage path - I lost judgement of what I could do - bicycle went into the drain - front tyre stopped by the uneven joint in the drain - I couldn’t uncleat from the pedal while my body is leaning forward due to sudden braking momentum - I was literally watching myself hitting directly on the edge of the metal divider.

Recapped from my cycling mates later on, the solo foldie sped up after a few of us overtook him and did not allow a complete closure of a peloton line. His inconsiderate action has distracted our peloton line especially we’re on a very narrow flat road during the night.
Best of all, the foldie flea away when I had the crash.Lessons from the accident.I’m not sure if I should stay on my “lane” would possibly avoid this incident or probably causing worse accident. Focus and Instant Judgement are essential during night ride especially doing in a team with high speed.
Furthermore, I shouldn’t have overly confidence with my capability to ride in a peloton with high speed. Some of you may know that I’ve only started cycling since June this year.This night was also my first time putting on cleat shoes. I had fell 2 times in prior of this accident. I have overlooked of the risk which I’ve put myself into.
Specially thank to Matt who had personally assisted me throughout the troublesome admission procedures and spared time from his hectic working schedule on the next day to bring over my personal belongings.
Great appreciation to our team leader Faz who had also stayed with me throughout the long night, who had borrowed me of his favorite customade bike, who had spared time to arrange my car to be parked safe, who had continuously to support me through in my cycling journey.Team member Gomz who had transferred me from Sunway Medical Center to KPJ Damansara and the rest of you guys Eddie, Salleh, Zaki, Lo & Ruj who helped with settling the mess but still took time to come visit me.I've literally proven with hard-headed as my skull wasn't damage by knocking on the edge of hard metal divider. All my forehead muscles were torn. I had my surgery only after 11 hours from the accident time, with over a hundred stitches to reconstruct my forehead. The scar is healing alright. I am using scar reduction patch for better recovery result. Howsoever I am no longer able to squeeze my eyebrow which I will not get forehead wrinkles for sure
Best of all, my nose pillar bone was fractured but unmoved. A few days later, I realized that my airway was cleared and magically I am no longer suffered from sinus!My upper lip was split into half, missing front tooth and few damaged teeth. These might make me a bad kisser in the future but well, I’ll have “new teeth” after my jawline trauma has settled down.My left chin had a slight cut and bone fractured which given me a “fuller” chin right now I had bruises and grazed wounds over my right arm, right body and both legs. They may look scary at first but they’re all external injuries.
Apologize for the disturbing pictures but my intention is to show my recovery is progressing pretty well in the past 10days. I had stitches removed today and the scar is minimal. My doctor & friends have been praising on my courage & toughness for not having a single tear drop throughout the whole accident. I do feel the pain but I know physical pain is always recoverable & bearable compare to emotional & mentally. Growing strong mind leads to strong physical too. Hooray! I am officially permitted to get back on the wheels again!
Drop me a word below should you have more question about my accident and recovery status. Meantime, wish all ride safe, have fun and never let any unfortunate incidents beat you down. There may also be blessings in disguise are awaiting ahead ^^